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napkin sleeve


The banderole that surrounds the napkin is made of 170gr FSC offset paper. This results in a firm and classy cutlery holder. The banderole is available with a full-colour print. Anything from a simple message to a colourful photo; the possibilities are infinite!

airlaid napkin

Kangaroo napkin from €0,05

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Luxnap standard collection Enjoy your meal


Luxnap combines the aesthetics of a stylish airlaid napkin and the user-friendliness of a napkin pocket resulting in an original and elegant table decoration. Luxnap dresses up your tables and makes them easier to set up.

Airlaid napkin

With its aesthetics and durability, the airlaid napkin is an excellent alternative to linen napkins. Our standard napkin has a size of 33x40cm and is available in white and black. Other sizes and colours can be provided upon request.

LUXnap napkin sleeves are availlable from €0,075 pp.

napkin sleeves
cutlery pouches

EcoPochette made of 100 recycled craft paper or white offset paper

napkin pockets


Our EcoPochette napkin pockets are highly practical, environmentally and budget-friendly. Combining a napkin pouch with a napkin makes setting the table much easier and faster, and the presentation of cutlery always looks both professional and neat.

The napkin pocket (70x203mm) is made of 100% recycled paper. We offer brown craft paper or white recycled paper.

We provide this standard with a 100% recycled two-ply napkin.

We also offer a two-layer napkin (33x33cm) in different colours or a white airlaid napkin to add a little more elegance to the table.

By using water-based ink, our napkin pouches are always 100% eco-friendly.

EcoPochette customisable with a full-colour print

We also offer classic and fully customised cutlery bags. These can be printed in full colour on both sides.

EcoPochette napkin pockets are available from €0,058 pp.

Handy Wipe

Our Handy Wipe refreshment wipes are unique in the market due to the addition of 30% methanol. This makes our wipes both cleansing, refreshing and degreasing. The addition of etheric oil keeps the hands feeling smooth after use. Ideal after consuming a dish that involves the use of the hands, such as spare ribs, hamburgers or seafood...

Our standard Handy Wipes are available in quantities from 250 pieces. Personalised printing is already available from 5,000 pieces.

Handy Wipe is available from €0,085 pp.

Offset  placemats

Offset placemats are made of 80gr FSC offset paper. The placemats can be printed in 1, 2 or full colour.

Eco Placemats zijn available from €0,03 pp.

Eco placemats

Eco placemats are made of 70gr 100% recycled paper. The placemats are available plain or with your personal design up to 2 colours.

Eco Placemats zijn available from €0,02 pp.